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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

ATHLETE are locked in a battle with fellow British band SNOW PATROL to see who can become the next U2 first.

Athlete frontman JOEL POTTS and Snow Patrol guitarist NATHAN CONNELLY decided to instigate their race to become superstars while watching U2 play in the Netherlands recently.

Potts says, "We were in Germany when we first got asked to support U2 and we just laughed. It was kind of one of those dreams. It was the same with REM.

"We supported U2 in Amsterdam and I was standing with Nathan from Snow Patrol.

"U2 were incredible and everyone was just standing singing at the top of their voices. I was going, 'I want this', and so was Nathan. We ended up going, 'I'll race you.'

"We'd love to nick (steal) their crowd."


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