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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Sharon Osbourne & Simon Cowell Mock U2

Sharon: "Talk about a knees-up? Have you seen U2's live show? It's boring as hell. It's like watching CNN."

Sharon on boring Bono
Last updated 16 August 2005

Simon Cowell

'The X Factor' was launched yesterday (Monday) and they're promising more talent and less bitching.

However, Simon Cowell has admitted he's out for revenge after Louis' band, G4, beat last year's winner, Steve Brookstein, on sales.

It's fair to say that Steve's career has hardly soared but, despite that, Simon told us he reckons the music industry needs 'The X Factor'.

However, a cackling Sharon Osbourne took the opportunity to have a dig at one of the world's biggest bands:

Simon: "The music business at the moment is not exactly a barrel of laughs. We're not going to go out with Coldplay and have a fun evening!"

Sharon: "It wouldn't be a knees-up!"

Simon: ""I think if we're going to make a talent show, let's make it as fun and as crazy and as real as we can."

Sharon: "Talk about a knees-up? Have you seen U2's live show? It's boring as hell. It's like watching CNN."

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At 1:26 PM, Blogger Erin said...

I don't know what Sharon is talking about. U2 rocks my socks off and she is just jealous that she doesn't have half as big a following as they do. :) Simon didn't really mention anything about U2, though. I wonder if he likes them or not...

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